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The Forward Academy is a key initiative to empower our clients to own their vision as it relates to digital marketing activities and outcomes. Through the academy, we address how to make MarTech work, how to maximise each $ spent on performance marketing… and to understand how to get the best out of your team.

Here we share articles written by our team and expert partners on these subjects, which are free for you to use…. and we also offer specialist training programs for each area as well. Together, we can help you move Forward

  • Jon Murphy

What is the role we want / can Performance Marketing to play for our organisation?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Too often, companies / organisations rush to launch a social media program or a search engine advertising campaign, without understanding across the parties of our business... of what the desired outcome is and indeed, how to measure this.

There are many ways to segment individually what each company needs and create bespoke strategies, however, for the purposes of this learning document, we’ll keep it simple to the following two narratives that are encountered most commonly, Performance marketing is particularly useful for:

Branding / Awareness - Optimising to impressions, reach and website clicks - optimising our budget to reach maximum outcomes for these metrics.

Customer Acquisition - Optimising to conversions (whether this is a form fill / enquiry or a specific order) and the quality of that conversion - then optimising our budget to reach maximum outcomes for these metrics.

The good news is that both can be achieved together… However, we need to separate this into different buckets of our budget and understand how each is performing differently.

Here are some key tips to do this:

Insights to come!

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